Images from ELASTX Tech-fika, fall 2018

2018-11-28 - Reading time: 1 minutes #event #tech-fika

Our latest ELASTX Tech-fika was another success! We deep dived in security in a cloud native environment and had a successful workshop with our customers and partners. This Tech-fika was a more hands-on workshop where our guests had their laptops with them.

What is ELASTX Tech-fika?

ELASTX Tech-fika is an activity/seminar we arrange twice a year where we have a coffee and snacks and talk technology. We choose a current subject and look at details and practical examples.

A great benefit for ELASTX Tech-fika visitors is just the opportunity to network with other great customers and partners to us. Here you have the opportunity to bind relationships and make knowledge exchange with other likeminded individuals.

You can see a few images from the event below. We will host our next Tech-fika during spring 2019, see you then!

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