Elastx offers discount on New Relic

2014-09-23 - Reading time: 2 minutes #new relic

Powerful tools for application and server monitoring. We really like New Relic and their tools for full application stack visibility in real-time. Thanks to our partnership with New Relic we can offer our customers a great discount on their products.

Server monitoring

New Relic server monitoring provides a full health check of your server in real-time. You can:

  • See which servers have capacity issues so you can take corrective action
  • See processes prioritized by memory or CPU consumption
  • Receive alerts for server health issues, incl. CPU/Memory/disk I/O -utilization and disk capacity
  • Track server health availability

Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

New Relic APM is a powerful tool for monitoring, trouble shooting and performance tuning of your application. APM agents are available for the most common languages such as Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Node.JS and .NET. You’ll get a real-time health check of you application presented via a comprehensive dashboard, such as:

  • See load times, error messages, trends and slow transactions
  • Test your webbsite as an end user with actual loadtimes
  • See all transactions and how long time they take
  • See response times for you database queries
  • See detailed “under the hood” information for easier diagnostics

We can assist in setting everything up and that correct API-key is installed on each server. Retail price for New Relic APM PRO is approx 1300 SEK per month ($149). Elastx can offer the same license for 790 SEK per month!

Please contact us for more information and installation.

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