ELASTX is now a member of MANRS

2018-12-02 - Reading time: 1 minutes #network

We are happy to inform you that ELASTX is now a member of MANRS (Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security).

What is MANRS?

This short video helps explain what MANRS is.

Routing Incidents are Increasing

In 2017 alone, 14,000 routing outages or attacks - such as hijacking, leaks, and spoofing - led to a range of problems including stolen data, lost revenue, repetitional damage, and more.

About 40% of all network incidents are attacks, with the mean duration per incident lasting 19 hours.

Incidents are global in scale, with one operator’s routing problems cascading to impact others.

We at ELASTX always strive to deliver a product of quality to our customers and partners. This includes delivering good and strong routing security. And thanks to the membership at MANRS, we can now ensure everyone of the high importance and quality routing security has at ELASTX.

With MANRS, we can introduce a safer routing ecosystem in Sweden and become an example to other IT companies striving for the best experience possible online. Most importantly for us at ELASTX, we can keep delivering bleeding edge safety to all our customers and partners.