Elastx hosts Neo4j meetup, 28th May

2013-05-11 - Reading time: 1 minutes #neo4j #event #meetup

Elastx will host the next Neo4j meetup in Stockholm. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Neo4j and get a live demo of a PaaS platform.

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The agenda is

Neo4j with Elastx/Jelastic (by Elastx team)

Introduction - deploy Neo4j on Jelastic/elastx. (Live demo, performance w SSD etc).Performance testing as a SaaS. (check loadimpact.com), How an SSD+Neo4j instance could be the killer app.

Break-out sessions

This time the breakout sessions will be steered towards Neo4j in production

Discussion about how to manage Neo4j in production.Every thing from HA to Puppet manifests andfuture of cloud/hosting and how it will shape next generation applications

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Henrik Grankvist

#neo4j #event #meetup