Elastx announces support for OpenStack foundation

2014-09-16 - Reading time: 2 minutes #openstack

“Elastx has stepped up as the first public cloud provider powered by OpenStack in the Nordics!” - Heidi Skupien Bretz, Director Business Development, OpenStack Foundation

Elastx today announced that it has become a sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation. There is currently a huge buzz surrounding OpenStack and it’s currently the fastest growing open source IaaS standard for public and private clouds. OpenStack is a framework for building and managing cloud infrastructure (IaaS).

Many customers are interested in exploring IaaS and how they can move away from a traditionally managed datacenter to OpenStack-powered clouds. In the increasing speed of technology changes and companies getting acquired, it’s important to be agile and prevent lock-ins, technical as well as commerical. Maybe your hosting provider or technology stack is great today, but things could look very different in 6 or 12 months.

“Elastx offers full-stack support and help “all the way”. Our focus is on automation from to the infrastructure to the application in Linux and Windows environments” - Joakim Öhman, CEO Elastx

Although it stands clear that a fully automated platform provides loads of benefits there are obstacles to tackle. Elastx offers local support and can assist customers with solving challenges such as migrating applications from a legacy platform, Cloud SLA strategies, local legislation and security. Also, but most important to prevent technical and commercial lock-ins.

“OpenStack continues to grow in Europe and Elastx skilled local engineers can assist customers looking to move their applications to a public cloud.” - Heidi Skupien Bretz, Director Business Development, OpenStack Foundation

“I love the fact that Sweden is first out in the Nordics with a public cloud powered by OpenStack!” - Henrik Grankvist, Business Development Manager Elastx

OpenStack API’s are compatible with Amazon EC2 and Amazon S3 giving users the power to move between or to use multiple cloud providers with minimum effort.

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